Business tracking made easy through a cloud based ERP


A true and best cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application integrates internal and external business information. An ERP system incorporates a practical methods used by organizations to maintain all basic and advanced commercial business functions like planning, inventory management, purchase, finance, manufacturing, promotions, sales, human resource, marketing, customer services and many more.

The prime objective of ERP solution is to track the entire business and coordinate with all departments of an organization by sharing information among all of them without wasting a single second. With a perfect and professional ERP system, a business owner can keep himself updated by single click on the computer screen and track all his business activities. A cloud based ERP system helps the business owners in the following manner.

Track Your Inventory

inventoryManaging inventory is one of the tedious and important tasks for companies. Companies know how important is to keep and record the status of their inventory. It is one of their prime concerns to manage and track inventory to reduce carrying and maintain cost. Unquestionably the ability to manage inventory efficiently and tracking inventory levels throughout supply chain is a critical issue for companies of all types and sizes.

With the help of cloud ERP you can execute your all warehouse operation smoothly and effectively like inventory status, transportation, opening and closing balances, warehouse levels, expiry data, order and reorder levels. In a single mouse click you can track everything at your desktop.

Track Your Accounts

accountsContinuous long hours, mismatched entries & audit nightmares are traditionally been deep concerns for accounting departments across companies all over the world. In these challenging situations, cloud based ERP proved to be a best and ideal solution which offers flexibility under frequently changing business environment and assures us of providing real time accurate accounting data. Effectively maintain and track your financial goals by defining business locations, accounts books, account rules, account budgets and more. Business owner can have quick view of all his business transactions and financial ratios, can see online updates of bank details and other liabilities.

Human Resource

hrEmployees are the integral part of any organization and without employees no business organization works. All professional activities are done by employees. Being an important part of an organization, human resource must be utilized in proper manner. Keeping these points in minds, a cloud based ERP plays an important role in maintaining and controlling entire human resource of any organization. Business owner can take instant reports of employees’ performance and day to day progress. A complete payroll system can be integrated into the cloud based ERP to keep the track of employees and their working. From attendance to issuing salary slips, the ERP system is fully advanced to provide all sorts of data related with employees in a single click. Now no need to wait for any report from payroll department, business owner can track it anytime and from anywhere.

Tracking Customer Service

customer-serviceWith inbuilt CRM, an organization is fully managed and ready to provide excellent and remarkable customer services 24×7. With cloud based ERP it is always easy to manage and maintain the records of customers and sales. This system can be used to track and store the customer details and sales. Later on we can contact with them using ERP system for their feedback and reviews about the services of the company. So it keeps a faster, accurate and reliable customers’ information and purchase history. So business owners are always up to date about the customers and their feedback and reviews.


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