Grow your business/sales with ‘Vesture Retail ERP’

Goals of Every Business

Every business or commercial organization has a predefined goals to achieve on given stipulated time frame with the objectives of growth, sales, promotion, branding & customer satisfaction at high level. In order to achieve these goals an effective planning and strategies are important factors. Today’s cutting edge competition, one can’t achieve its goals until new emerging technologies are adopted. In the series these emerging technologies, information technologies plays an important & significant role in business automation and its transactions. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the core components widely used in every business due to its innumerable benefits. Let’s have a look on ERP and its benefits

What is ERP

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, it is a complete system to automate organization’s resources for its optimum use. To run a successful commercial organization, it is compulsory that all of its departments inventory, order management, human resources, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), payroll, EDP should work with proper coordination and on right time, ERP plays an important role to integrate all these for their optimum use.

Benefits of Vesture ERP for Your Organization

Growth of a retail business entirely depends on the sales, higher the sales means higher the growth. That’s why we always recommend Vesture ERP for retail organization due to its overwhelming benefits. With our powerful and sophisticated Vesture Retail ERP, you can take full control of your business’ every process and department. It has lots of benefits to your business, some of them are as follows.

Manage your Inventory

inventory-erpManaging inventory is a tedious process for any organization, but now it becomes easy with Vesture Retail ERP. Your all inventory information at your finger tips with a single mouse click. Stock in your warehouses, retail outlet and your dead stock. You can work with free mind. Your stock is fully safe. Order a new stock, detect the expiry dates and wastages will be at your desktop screen in transparent manner.

Billing / Invoicing Customer

billingBilling or Invoicing has never been so easy before, with our Vesture Retail ERP billing has become so smooth via Retail POS Software. It offers flexible payment methods, now you can accept payment through Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash. Offer various types of discounts to your reputed clients to promote sales and attract new customers.

Easy Accounting

accountingAccounting is an integral part of any business, in Vesture Retail ERP you can manage your accounts and financial statements in easy and secure manner. You can keep track of every business transaction, create profit and loss account statement, create balance sheet, keep ledger. You can also keep an eye on your debtors and creditors.  Your complete control on all of your business transaction.

Customer Management

customer-managementCustomers are invaluable assets of any organization, so it is very important to stay in touch with them. With our advanced customer management system you can keep personal touch with them by wishing them on their birthday, marriage anniversary or any other auspicious occasion. This tool also can be used to further analysis of customer’s buying habits, choices and dislikes. This way you can take decisions and enhance your sales.

Fine Tune Your Supply Chain

supply-chainStock is a life line of every retail business. Zero stocks mean zero sales. With our powerful supply chain tool you can easily track the status of the stock. As an example you can track instantly about the stock location, In transit or delivered at warehouse. Track dead stock instantly and sell your pending stock with discount to increase the sales.

Easy Discount & Schemes Launching

easy-discountDiscounts and schemes are very helpful to attract customers and liquidate additional stock. Discounts are offered by every retailer, In our centralized Vesture Retail ERP you can setup discounts and offers on your desired products from your corporate office. You can offer discounts and offers state wise, season wise and even country wise to sell underselling stock and earn profit.

Software Customization

software-customizationEvery business has its own functional nature and processes, our prime objective is to help our clients to grow and serve quality services to its customers. So we follow the methods of customization, in which we design Retail softwares as per the clients need. We study the current system of the clients and offer best suited solution to them.


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