Software Development Life Cycle—Adding More Life to Your Software



Software industry has shown the tremendous growth in defining and developing programs that cater to the specific needs of users. A pre-defined and step-by-step methodology is followed, ensuring the quality deliverance of the project. Every organization teams up with such ‘fail-safe’ development framework that further aligns them with defined roles and responsibilities for successful accomplishment of the project.

Software development life cycle (SDLC) is such ‘fail-safe’ framework that defines each task performed at every step of the development process. It defines the methodology for enhancing the quality of the program and overall development process. The software developers follows SDLC structure that helps them describe how to build, maintain and reinstate specific software.

As said by Aristotle ‘At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst ’, in the same way as human needs law and rules for consistent and structured behavior, software also needs a controlled model for ‘fail-safe’ behavior.

Why SDLC is Important?

A project can be executed in many ways, but why need some pre-defined models and methods that are rather dependent, complex and restricts the creative part of the entire software process? The limited boundaries and specific guidelines are framed in which, each and every software functions. And, in spite of it being rigid and limited way of building software, why SDLC is still the immediate choice for software developers? Let’s have a look on advantages of this framework for building software.

Advantages of building software using SDLC

Considering the fact that SDLC demands zilch creativity, it is still the immediate choice for developer ensuring the project completion in perfect manner. It refrain developers to add extra or lessen efforts, and direct them to perfect software models for ease of the development task.

Software development life cycle-

  • Gives clear idea to developers and saves developing time
  • Avails detailed plan for troubleshooting
  • Helps developer address different problem at the same time
  • Builds clear documentation that helps in performing proper maintenance
  • Refrains developer to test the whole program again and again, hence no harm to the implementation of software
  • Creates program that requires least creativity and last for a longer time
  • Avoids ‘guesswork’ for developers when something goes wrong and ensures everything is well-engineered
  • The idea behind developing software on such profitable channel is to acquire deliberate, structured and meticulous work frame to carry out developing to delivering process firmly and sequentially.

Some of the most used SDLC methodologies include waterfall, spiral development, prototyping, rapid application development, iterative and incremental development and extreme programming. Such frameworks have been developed with their own recognized potency and weaknesses. Each of the available methodology is not necessarily suitable for use by all projects. Each and every software methodology framework is formed to suit specific nature of projects, depending on organizational, project and technical considerations.

It is important for you to identify requirements of your project beforehand so as to avail the exact and perfect SDLC model that meets software needs as early as possible. Software development is an intricate process that entails a lot of planning, development, implementation and testing. No software is perfect and full functional until it overcomes all tests. Hence, before finalizing the SDLC model, enquire your software needs and choose wise.

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